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I live in a haunted house with one dog, one man, and many, many, restless souls. I am wandering through the halls of academia trying to figure out what to do with the degree I have and what one I want to work towards next. Mostly I just like the wandering.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Monday Morning Leftovers

My house has been officially dubbed a "rock n' roll hostel" by a friend of my husband B and I's this weekend. The phrase is appropriate seeing as a month rarely goes by that there is not some band or another staying here. The couches, floors, and spare bed room, are frequently sleeping spaces for rockers, and I like it that way. Of course there is no charge, just don't drink all the beer, and you better play something while you are here, be it the piano, a guitar, or the kitchen cabinets (that was one of my favorite nights!). Its good karma first off. B is on the road from time to time. Touring bands, especially when they are first starting out, rely on others for a place to stay instead of the van/bus if they can't afford a hotel. And second, you just can't beat the people. They are always a good time, and almost always fill the house with live and improvised music. Couch surfers are always welcome around here. I don't have much musical talent myself, but I sure do like to support the talent of others.

On to the Monday Morning Leftovers, or what's been playing in my CD player all weekend.
1.) The Bee Keeper -Tori Amos
2.) The Best of Bowie
3.) Life in Slow Motion -David Grey (a big disappointment)
4.) Around the Fur -The Deftones
5.) Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge -My Chemical Romance


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