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I have gained an hour's sleep only to lose countless more to these hauntings.

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I live in a haunted house with one dog, one man, and many, many, restless souls. I am wandering through the halls of academia trying to figure out what to do with the degree I have and what one I want to work towards next. Mostly I just like the wandering.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday Poerty Blogging

The Expiration
So, so, break off this last lamenting kiss,
Which sucks two souls, and vapours both away ;
Turn, thou ghost, that way, and let me turn this,
And let ourselves benight our happiest day.
We ask none leave to love ; nor will we owe
Any so cheap a death as saying, "Go."
Go ; and if that word have not quite killed thee,
Ease me with death, by bidding me go too.
Or, if it have, let my word work on me,
And a just office on a murderer do.
Except it be too late, to kill me so,
Being double dead, going, and bidding, "Go."
-John Donne
This week, being the first week I'm doing Friday poetry blogging, I thought I would stick with the ghostly theme and post a poem by Donne that I have always enjoyed. Especially after visit from one particular shade. I will post some of my own stuff, but for now... parting is such sweet sorrow... Have a good weekend!


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